Mobile Homes

Specialized coverage for mobile homes, modular homes, or permanently located park models and travel trailers that are used seasonally. While coverage is typically the same as what is on a homeowner’s policy, mobile/modular homes are seen as a higher risk to insure. Both include coverage for the dwelling, some personal property, liability coverage and have a deductible. The difference is that modular homes typically do not have a permanent foundation and tend to depreciate over time. Many insurers will offer optional coverages geared toward a mobile home owner.

Primary Coverages typically include:

Coverage A Dwelling:  Coverage for your house and any attached structures, such as garages, decks, or fences.

Coverage B, Other Structures:  Coverage for structures not attached to your home. It could be a detached garage, storage shed, playground equipment or swimming pool.

Coverage C, Personal Property:  Coverage for your possessions, at home or away on vacation. Items of high value should be covered under a special policy or endorsement.

Coverage D, Loss of Use:  Covers cost of additional living expenses while your home is being repaired.

Coverage E, Personal Liability:  Protection for you if you are legally responsible for causing property damage or physical injury. It will include your defense costs and other financial judgments for covered incidents.

Coverage F, Medical Payments:  Coverage for minor injuries sustained by a guest at your home. Coverage is not included for a family member.