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Customized Reinsurance Contracts

Comprehensive Reinsurance and Support

We provide industry-leading products and services based on more than 90 years of experience in creating customized reinsurance solutions.

Customized Reinsurance Contracts

WRC develops reinsurance contracts specifically for the unique needs of each mutual partner.

Property Surplus Share

Property Excess of Loss

Liability Quota Share

Property Quota Share

Earthquake Quota Share

Liability Excess of Loss

Property Facultative Excess

Property Catastrophe Excess of Loss


Unlimited Aggregate

Liability Claims Assistance

With dedicated managers and experienced executive staff, the professionals at WRC offer guidance and administrative relief throughout the liability claims process.

  • Liability claims adjusting
  • Medicare reporting
  • Policy review and language interpretation
  • Guidance to clients to process liability claims

Property Claims Assistance

We guide insurers through the property claims process based on their request for assistance, ranging from procedural recommendations to in-depth planning solutions.

  • Referrals to claims professionals and experts
  • Catastrophe planning services
  • Consulting support on large losses and daily claims
  • Subrogation assistance
  • Claims training for groups and individual staff members
  • Research and consulting on emerging issues

Underwriting Assistance

Our underwriting consultants are a reliable resource for information regarding risk acceptability, coverage, rating, policy construction, and renewals.

  • Liability exposure guidelines
  • Assist in development of manuals and forms
  • Access to industry-leading resources
  • Answers to coverage questions

Loss Control Assistance

We provide loss control assistance by helping client companies to identify sources of risk and implement plans to reduce or eliminate exposure.

  • Review of current programs
  • Training and education
  • Loss prevention consulting
  • Specific risk analysis
  • Development of inspection forms
  • Sponsor of Mutual Loss Prevention Advocates (MLPA)

Operational Assistance

We help companies improve their overall insurance operations.

  • Review company procedures
  • Assist with business plans
  • Provide recommendations
  • Monitor effectiveness
  • Improve financial results

Why Do You Need Reinsurance?

Regulation Compliance

Capacity to Write Large Risks

Coverage for Catastrophic Events

Financial Protection from Large Losses

Surplus Protection

Advice and Support

WRC provides its mutual insurance partners with peace of mind, operational support, and financial protection.

Call (800) 939-9473 or email ContactWRC@thewrcgroup.com to learn more about how the strength of our experience can benefit your mutual.

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OCI Files Petition for Rehabilitation

POSTED ON 5/26/2023

The Wisconsin Office of the Commissioner of Insurance (OCI) has filed a Petition for Rehabilitation with Dane County (WI) Circuit Court to place Wisconsin Reinsurance Corporation and 1st Auto & Casualty Insurance Company into rehabilitation status.

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Introducing the New Leader of 1st Auto

POSTED ON 7/28/2022

We’re pleased to introduce you to Ellie Walsh, who has been named Senior Vice President of Insurance and will lead 1st Auto.

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