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WRC Agency Announces More Access to Specialty Markets with Liberty Mutual Insurance

Spring 2021 Issue

By Chrissy Kretchmar, Senior Commercial Account Manager

WRC Agency works with various direct and brokered markets to cover hard-to-place exposures for your agents. We have seen an influx of unique risks that require a special market.

In an effort to provide a wider selection of brokered carriers and products to meet that growing need, we are excited to announce an updated commercial business appointment with Liberty Mutual Insurance. This appointment will provide your agents with more opportunities to write those specialized risks, such as animal mortality, sports and fitness, and nonprofits.

One common request among our clients is an animal mortality product, which protects a policyholder from financial losses resulting from the death of an animal. It is used when animals are an important revenue-generating asset, such as dairy farming, zoos, aquariums and professional horse stables. Liberty Mutual offers a product that specializes in both livestock and exotic animals.

Another common request is for sports and fitness coverage. With some Covid-19 restrictions lifting, many sports and fitness facilities are reopening and need coverage. These risks may have limited markets and complex coverages.

Liberty has partnered with Sport & Fitness Insurance Corporation (SFIC), which allows access to specialized products to suit all your clients’ needs. SFIC focuses solely on the insurance needs of the fitness industry, and its expertise and understanding of specific exposures common to this industry allow us to tailor our coverage approach to best suit your clients’ needs.

Lastly, we often are asked about nonprofit organizations. Liberty Mutual Insurance partners with NIF Group, Inc. to meet the unique insurance coverage needs of nonprofits and social service organizations. NIF brings more than 30 years of experience in the nonprofit sector. Their program provides comprehensive coverage for all aspects of your clients’ nonprofit operations.

Every risk is unique and requires underwriting to determine if it’s eligible for coverage. Next time you find yourself wondering where to place something, think of WRC Agency and our access to these specialty markets and products. Reach out to see if we can help.