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The President’s Message: Summer 2020

Summer 2020 Issue

We began this year filled with anticipation for the opportunities to grow our businesses and serve our customers. All of that changed in the middle of March when the COVID-19 pandemic shut down our country. We have been dealing with the orders from our governmental authorities and the recommendations of our health care providers. The authorities were correct in declaring the business of insurance to be an essential business.

I am impressed with how our industry has dealt with this pandemic. I had heard from many different company managers on how they are addressing these issues and effectively continuing to do business. Each of them has taken steps to maintain their operations, serve their customers and protect their employees. As an industry, we have adjusted quickly and successfully to this new reality.

At the WRC Group, we have taken the necessary steps to maintain our business operations as well. Most of our employees are working from home now. For those employees who continue to work from the office, we have taken actions to limit access to the building, limit non-essential travel and add processes to protect our employees.

Many industry events have been canceled, postponed or gone virtual. WRC’s Annual Shareholders’ meeting is one such event. Our meeting was to be held on April 29 and at the direction of the board of directors, this meeting is postponed until August 26. Due to the continued concerns about safely gathering, it was decided to hold this meeting virtually. All common stock shareholders and mutual clients of WRC recently received formal notice of this meeting.

The first half of this year has been relatively storm-free, which is certainly a change from last year when weather-related losses in Wisconsin were severe. We will be providing you our complete financial report at the annual shareholders’ meeting in August.

I am pleased to report that the WRC Group is open for business and continues to serve your reinsurance and related services needs. Stay safe!