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Directors Reelected to the WRC Board

Winter 2021 Issue

The Annual Shareholders Meeting of Wisconsin Reinsurance Corporation was held virtually August 26.

President Terry Wendorff called the meeting to order at 9:30 a.m. The 2020 nominees for three-year terms as directors were:

Jeff Dusek, Secretary-Treasurer and Manager of River Falls Mutual Insurance Company in River Falls, Wisconsin. Jeff received his bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Economics from the University of Wisconsin-River Falls. His insurance career began in 1997 when he was elected to the Board of Directors of River Falls Mutual. He assumed the manager’s role of the company in 1999.

Jeff has served as a Director of the Wisconsin Association of Mutual Insurance Companies (WAMIC) and was Chairman of WAMIC in 2010.

Jeff has served on the board of directors of WRC since 2008.

Scott Kelley, General Manager and Treasurer/Secretary of Laclede Mutual Insurance in Lebanon, Missouri. Laclede Mutual has 1,800 policies and $1.8 million in premium writings.

Before coming to Laclede Mutual in June 2006, Scott was Vice President/Operations Officer at Commerce Bank in Lebanon where he managed three locations for 19 years.

Scott was elected to the Missouri Association of Mutual Insurance Companies (MAMIC) Board of Directors in 2008 and served as MAMIC Chairman in 2013. He was given the MAMIC Distinguished Service award in 2011 and continues to serve on various committees for the Missouri association.

Scott has served on the board of directors of WRC since 2017.

Tony Wilke, President and CEO of United Mutual Insurance Company in Medford, Wisconsin. Tony graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire in 1993 with a degree in Finance. He began his career with Little Black Mutual in 1994 as a claims representative. In 1999, his duties were expanded to include all the financial reporting and accounting for the company. Tony was promoted to President in January of 2004.

He has earned his NAMIC Professional Farm Mutual Manager (PFMM) designation and is a member of the NAMIC Merit Society.

Tony has served on the board of directors of WRC since 2006 and is presently the Chairman of the board.