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Coming Soon: Learning Library

Winter 2020 Issue

At WRC, our mission is to provide reinsurance, insurance products and related services to strengthen the insurance industry. We continuously strive to provide our clients and agents with products and services that will make them more competitive in the industry.

One of our initiatives for 2020 is to add a new learning opportunity for our clients, which will expand the array of our educational programs.

WRC plans to launch a new Learning Library in 2020. The Learning Library will offer online programs that can be accessed on the WRC website. The programs are designed to allow you, our clients, access to self-paced learning programs when you need them. We plan to offer the following programs when we launch the Learning Library:


  • Solid fuel
    • Loss Prevention
    • Appliance Certification
    • Questions to Ask and Recommendations
  • Electrical hazards
  • Hoarding

1st Auto

Quick-study guides for 1st Otto-mation

  • Subscriptions and Trusted Viewers
  • Competitive Pricing and Transaction History

WRC Agency

Completing ACORD forms:

  • ACORD 125
  • ACORD 126
  • ACORD 140


  • How to use the eFR Portal

You will be able to access the programs by logging in to the secure portion of our website. We will continue to expand the program list in 2020. If you would like a specific program to be added, please send your recommendation to