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Sayre Appointed to Wisconsin Reinsurance Corporation Board of Directors

Winter 2022 Issue

We are pleased to announce that Dean Sayre was appointed a director by the Wisconsin Reinsurance Corporation Board of Directors effective December 9, 2022. He is filling an open position on the Board.

Dean joined Farmers Mutual Insurance Company of Linn County in Meadville, Missouri as Mutual Manager in 2005.

He previously served in the forensic investigative unit of a consulting engineering firm. Other experience includes roles as a field adjustor for a national insurance company and a peace officer in law enforcement. He shared his law enforcement knowledge by teaching at the University of Missouri Police Academy. Dean is a graduate of the UM Law Enforcement Training Institute and was a trainer for LETI and the National Law Enforcement Training Center.

Remaining active in the mutual insurance industry has been a focus. He is a member of the Missouri Association of Mutual Insurance Companies and shared his expertise as a member of the MAMIC board of directors. Dean is also a member of the National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies.

He earned a bachelor’s degree from Missouri Western State University in criminal justice with an emphasis on law enforcement, juvenile delinquency and English literature.

Dean has rural roots, growing up on a cattle farm in Missouri and exhibiting livestock in the Midwest and throughout the United States.