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My Cyberscout Experience

Winter 2021 Issue

By Katrina Anderson, Senior Reinsurance Analyst

In mid-November, you received an email regarding Cyberscout, a Sontiq company that provides identity theft resolution and education services. Cyberscout is available to all owner-occupied primary residences and primary renters policyholders of WRC’s mutual clients for $1 per policy. It is important to note that this is a service and not coverage, and does not cover expenses related to identity theft.

In 2019, I began to receive collection notices from Sprint regarding cell phone bills that did not belong to me. I quickly contacted Cyberscout to begin taking advantage of the expert identity safeguarding services they provide. I was assigned a personal fraud investigator and shortly after, I received email correspondence regarding exactly what was needed to begin the process of preserving my identity. The first step was filing a police report, the cost of which was not covered by Cyberscout, but may be covered by Identity Fraud Expense Coverage if offered by your mutual. Cyberscout assisted by putting a security alert on my credit file, providing details about how to request copies of my credit report and identifying available tools to reduce the number of prescreened credit offers and telemarketing calls I received.

After receiving the police report and credit reports, my personal fraud investigator helped me comb through the many pages of information and assisted in preparing correspondence to the Sprint Fraud Department to remove the collection from my account. Upon finding multiple errors on my credit report, I was provided with letters to address the errors, which I only needed to print, sign and mail to the corresponding credit bureau. After the updates were made to my credit report, I received updated copies and was able to verify there were no additional inaccuracies. Cyberscout was in weekly contact with me via email as we worked to restore my identity. When a resolution was completed to my satisfaction, Cyberscout followed up six months later to confirm no further issues had arisen before closing my claim file.

Cyberscout is a service that WRC provides to its employees and after hearing many horror stories regarding identity theft, I was thankful for the service. The personal service and pre-written correspondence were extremely useful and saved me a lot of time in a very stressful situation. For further information about the Cyberscout service, you can visit the Sontiq Facebook page or find educational and marketing resources here. You can also find information regarding WRC’s program with Cyberscout on the WRC secure site under WRC > Documents > Reinsurance Administration > Cyberscout.

This is a benefit for your policyholders that hopefully will never need to be used, but they will be praising their insurer if they do. If you are interested in joining the program in 2022, please email For those mutuals already participating in the program, please remember to complete your Cyberscout Info Request form and submit it to