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To stay connected to our clients and to offer timely and relevant training, WRC’s Mutual Assistance team is offering customized virtual training.

Customized Virtual Training Helps WRC and Client Mutuals Connect

Summer 2021 Issue

By Jeff Blevins, Manager of Property Loss Consulting

Despite travel restrictions and the limitations on in-person meetings over the last year, the business of insurance has not slowed down and changes continue to occur at a dizzying pace. The pressure to stay informed about these changes has only increased.

To stay connected to our clients and continue to offer timely and relevant training, WRC’s Mutual Assistance team is offering customized virtual training to client mutuals. You can request training on topics of interest and the Mutual Assistance team will develop a session to be conducted at your convenience.

The format is virtual, informal and interactive. Groups have ranged from four to 16 people — small enough for everyone to participate in the discussion, express ideas and ask questions. We’ve connected with clients from Wisconsin, Missouri, Illinois, Iowa and South Dakota over the last few months through these sessions. Training sessions usually last from 60 to 90 minutes.

Topics we have covered are:

  • Farm equipment claims
  • Working with aggressive contractors and public adjusters
  • Water damage claims
  • Additional living expense
  • File documentation
  • Solar panel systems
  • Electrical and solid fuel hazards

In addition, the Mutual Assistance underwriting team has provided training opportunities for commercial and personal lines.

Kathy Soldanels, Manager of Farmers Mutual Insurance Company of Clinton County in Plattsburg, Missouri, recently took part in a one-on-one training session and a small group session with a few other managers.

“I truly enjoyed both the one-on-one training session and the session that involved a few mutuals,” she said. “The one-on-one was great because I got to ask some specific questions regarding PAs and storm-chasing contractors, legal issues and how to word letters that pertained to claims.”

Kathy also said the customized virtual training sessions expanded her knowledge of WRC. “I think one of the most impactful things I like about these trainings is the camaraderie and how the people at WRC make it fun and enjoyable to watch, listen and learn,” she said.  “I was very overwhelmed when I started my career here, but WRC has done everything to support me and be available for my many questions. They always make it a joy to learn. I would enjoy future opportunities to do trainings offered by WRC in either format.”

Because these meetings have proven to be convenient and valuable for those with time and travel constraints, the Mutual Assistance team will continue to offer this option to clients. You can contact a member of the Mutual Assistance team or your Reinsurance Representative and tell us your topics of interest and timeline. We will take it from there and develop a customized training session for you.