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Cosmetic Damage Endorsements to Reduce Roof Damage Claims

All Manager Meeting 2022 Issue

By Melissa Stream, Underwriting Consultant

After a spate of severe weather events over the past year, roof damage claims are a hot topic. In response, at the All Manager Meeting, Underwriting Consultant Melissa Stream and Senior Property Loss Consultant Steve Carroll presented on cosmetic damage endorsements, specifically those that could reduce frequency and severity for roof damage claims.

In addition to cosmetic damage endorsements, Melissa discussed matching exclusions (for undamaged areas of the building that do not match repaired areas), roof exclusions and limitations, and adding wind and hail deductibles.

Steve gave several great real-life examples of how the endorsements reduced the claim or how they would have reduced the amount in specific claims. A reference handout was distributed to attendees and can be found by logging in to the secure WRC website and going to Documents > Operational Assistance > All Manager Meeting Materials > 2022 All Manager Meeting.

For those who attended the session, we encourage you to download the handout as a correction was made for the section of matching exclusions, specific to Farmowners policies.