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Tales from the Trail: Agency Visits Are Back

Summer 2022 Issue

By Ray Preston, Marketing Manager

It’s that time of year for me to finally enjoy the outdoors, work on spring planting and spruce up my property. You’ll also find me sipping on something cool and barbecuing. I’m not a fan of cold weather and much prefer this time of year when I don’t have to wear extra clothes, coats and boots. Have a great summer, everyone!

Our marketing reps are back in the saddle and working their territories. If you haven’t seen them yet, hold on, they’re coming. As we make our rounds, I’ve been pleased to hear that agencies have received excellent customer service from 1st Auto. The feedback we are hearing for underwriting and claims departments are comments such as “very helpful,” “patient,” “always quick to pick up the phone or return voicemail,” “responsive to email” and so forth. Many thanks to our 1st Auto team.

We’ve been discussing our 1st Otto-mation system during our travels. Those who use it regularly tell me it’s easy to use. Those who are only in it two or three times a year find it hard to navigate. We spend time discussing system tips and tricks. My advice is generally, “You’ll know exactly where to find what you’re looking for once you see it again. Using the system regularly will help you know where to click.”

Something we’re trying to shine some light on during our visits is 1st Otto-mation Tasks. Some refer to them as notifications. If you see a task from underwriting or claims in your system inbox, but tasks aren’t coming to your email, you may need to change a setting in My Subscriptions. Or perhaps My Subscriptions was never set up. Please reach out to your marketing rep or underwriter if you’re not seeing tasks in your email inbox.

We also would like to remind everyone that our system offers a paperless option for your policyholder. This option can be found at the bottom of the primary screen where it shows the policyholder’s phone number. Just add an email address and then change the delivery method to email. We are seeing more customers preferring paperless and it’s an easy endorsement to do.