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Looking Ahead to 2022

Spring 2022 Issue

By Cathy McAnaugh, Senior Vice President of Operations

The last two years have been challenging for many, both personally and professionally. Let’s hope 2022 will be better. We have recently introduced new pay plans, including a monthly pay plan. New business is in effect now and renewals have started to see these new pay plan options. Details about the changes are shared here.

We will be upgrading 1st Otto-mation as we do annually, with no major changes expected.

You will continue to see rate increases in various lines as we focus on profitability. Our Underwriting and Marketing teams will work closely with you to improve our joint profitability.

One thing that will stay the same in 2022 is our commitment to customer service. You can rely on us to be a partner who provides value and strives to enhance your experience with 1st Auto. Feel free to reach out via email at if you have suggestions for us.
Chip Awards

Congratulations to the agencies that qualified for 1st Auto’s All American Program – Blue, White and Red Chips! Ninety agencies qualified for the All American Team, 69 agencies earned a contingency and some agencies achieved both. The groups qualify for co-op dollars, which can be used for 1st Auto apparel, promotional items or advertising dollars. You will receive more information about your options soon.

Funds were sent to agency principals in early February. We were pleased to see that most of the agencies had premium growth in 2021. The total payout was $238,229. We thank these agencies for their excellent books of business

Blue Chips

  • Burbank Insurance Associates Inc.
  • Cain Insurance Agency LLC
  • Chase Insurance Agency
  • Dimond Bros. Insurance LLC
  • Dusek Agency
  • Equity Insurance Group Inc.
  • Frontier Insurance LLC
  • Girard Insurance
  • Holland Insurance Agency
  • Jasper County Mutual Agency
  • Klein Insurance Agency
  • Larue Insurance Agency Inc.
  • Leonhard Insurance Agency
  • Lynn Tank Agency LLC
  • McCoy Insurance Service
  • Mel Gregg Insurance
  • Piper Spencer Agency Inc.
  • Robert Sawyer Agency LLC
  • Rosendale Insurance Agency LLC
  • Schehr Insurance Agency
  • Smith Davis Insurance Inc.
  • Town & Country Insurance Services Inc.
  • Wenande Insurance Agency LLC

White Chips

  • Addison Insurance Services LLC
  • Affordable Insurance Solutions LLC
  • Allen Insurance Agency LLC
  • Anderson & Green Insurance Agency
  • Arkansas Insurance Partners Inc.
  • Bradley, Beck & McDonald Insurance
  • Davis-Taylor Insurance
  • First State Insurance Agency Inc.
  • Four Seasons Insurance Agency
  • Heiting Insurance Agency
  • Hoffman Agency
  • Kevin S. Holm Agency
  • Leisinger Insurance
  • Maxwell & Bowar Agency Inc.
  • North Central Ag Association
  • Partner’s Choice Insurors LLC
  • Raders Insurance Agency LLC
  • Robert Belling Insurance Agency LLC
  • Schaal Agency LLC
  • Tony Lauer Agency
  • Wymer Insurance Inc.

Red Chips

  • Ag Underwriters LLC
  • American Mutual Agency
  • Anew Insurance Agency Inc.
  • Apex Insurance Group of Wisconsin LLC
  • Armor Insurance Services LLC
  • Associated Agencies
  • Avid Risk Solutions Inc.
  • Bautch Insurance Agency-Division of Ansay
  • Bowles Insurance
  • Brandl Insurance Agency Inc.
  • Charles Bolin Insurance LLC
  • Craig Shager Agency
  • Eastling Insurance Services LLC
  • Eickman Insurance Agency Inc.
  • Ford Insurance Agency Inc.
  • Goodwin Insurance
  • Grams Insurance Agency LLC
  • Hibner Insurance Agency Inc.Hodges Insurance Agency
  • Hoesli Insurance Agency LLC
  • Hometowne Insurance Services Inc.
  • Inman Insurance LLC
  • James Hampton Agency
  • John F. Dietrich Insurance
  • JTS Financial Services LLC
  • Larrington Insurance
  • M.H. Smith Insurance Agency Inc.
  • McHugh Family Insurance
  • Meinen Insurance Agency Inc.
  • Mt. Carroll Insurance Agency Inc.
  • NFM Auto Agency Inc.
  • Northern Insurance Associates-Brown & Ashbeck LLC
  • Northwoods Insurance Services LLC
  • Onstot Insurance Agency
  • Podhaski Insurance Inc.
  • Probst Insurance Agency
  • Robertson Ryan & Associates Inc.
  • Schmitz Insurance LLC
  • Schuster Insurance LLC
  • Stratford Insurance Agency
  • Stump Insurance Agency LLC
  • Tim Kirk Insurance
  • Town and Country Insurance Agency Inc.
  • Vangennip Insurance Agency
  • Vicki B. Kearney Agency
  • Werner Insurance Agency LLC