by 1st Auto Claims Manager

We’re approaching spring, which in our more northern states seems to be a season of rebirth. The trees begin to bud, ready to bloom soon, and the smell in the air prepares us for longer days and warmer weather. We see our neighbors again after months of closing ourselves in our warm homes, and people just seem genuinely happy to be out in the world again.

Spring may mean more walks around the neighborhood or long drives in the country. On those drives, your car might encounter one of the biggest road challenges of the new season….potholes.

Potholes often develop because asphalt road surfaces crack over time due to the stress of traffic and the heat of the day. When the weather cools and these cracks are present, snow and rainwater are able to seep into the underlying dirt and gravel. As the moisture freezes and expands, the underlying dirt and gravel are pushed away, leaving a hole beneath the thin asphalt layer, resulting in the formation of potholes.

For those of us who have a close encounter with a pothole, we may ask after the impact, “When will they fix that thing? Is there damage to my car? If there is, will my insurance cover this, which deductible will apply?”

In claims, we are often asked what is covered when a vehicle collides with a pothole in the road. The answer is; most damage resulting from the impact with the pothole is covered, less the applicable collision deductible. The damage to the tire is excluded in most Personal Auto and Commercial Auto policies.

We hope this provides some clarity to questions that arise as we move into the spring months. Enjoy the longer days and increased sunlight. Make sure to get out and explore, but keep an eye out for those potholes!