The WRC Group is committed to providing valuable resources to support you in managing your mutual. Your WRC Mutual Assistance Team has developed helpful tools for Mutual Managers and underwriters to determine commercial eligibility. You now have access to:

  • An enhanced All Commercial Eligibility Guide that provides the starting point for determining risk type eligibility and program eligibility, and for identifying which risk types are not allowed.
  • A new Personal or Commercial Decision Tool with guidance on which program may be best for a risk that has commercial exposure.

The All Commercial Eligibility Guide replaces The All Lines Classification Eligibility Guide Red/Green Pages and features:

  • Introduction and Program Eligibility tabs to help you find information quickly
  • Alphabetical displays of eligible and ineligible risk types
  • Expanded listings that include underwriting notations, eligible programs, class codes and rating basis
  • Identification of risks to be discussed with your WRC Commercial Underwriting Consultant
  • Easy document search by term

The Personal or Commercial Decision Tool references personal/farm and commercial programs, and lists risk types that are not eligible under any program.

To view the tools, please log in to the secure site and go to Documents > Commercial Lines Underwriting > General Information. You also can find the Personal or Commercial Decision Tool by going to Documents > Personal Lines Underwriting > General Information.

If you have any questions, please contact Linda Ziegler or Melissa Stream from the WRC Mutual Assistance Team and they will be glad to assist you.