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About WRC Group

Our Mission:
The WRC Group supports, promotes and strengthens the insurance industry by providing reinsurance, insurance products and related services.

Our Vision:
To be the recognized leader in the insurance industry providing quality, innovative solutions that nurture long-term financially sound partnerships.


The WRC Group is comprised of a parent company and three subsidiaries.

Wisconsin Reinsurance Corporation  WRC is a property and casualty reinsurance company whose clients are mutual insurance companies located in Wisconsin, Arkansas, Illinois, Iowa, Missouri and South Dakota. (WRC) is the parent company within The WRC Group. The subsidiaries companies are 1st Auto and Casualty Insurance Company, WRC Agency, and Wisconsin Adjusting Service, Inc.

1st Auto and Casualty Insurance Company  is a property and casualty insurance company featuring personal auto insurance as its main line of business. 1st Auto also offers coverage for commercial auto, personal umbrella, homeowner’s liability and farm owner’s liability. 1st Auto conducts business in the same states as WRC; however, product offerings vary as dictated by state statute.

WRC Agency is an insurance agency created to offer expanded product lines to broaden the array of insurance options client mutual agents can sell to grow their business. WRC Agency assists our client company agents in finding coverage for hard to place risks not normally insured in the standard marketplace.

Wisconsin Adjusting Service, Inc. (WASI) assists client mutual companies in adjusting liability claims.

The success and growth of our organization is established on our strong client base, quality products, and the excellent service our employees provide.