It’s that time of year! The holiday season is kicking off soon, our sweaters have been taken out of the closet and football season is in full force. This time of year is also a popular time for something that we in the claims world are all too familiar with….deer. Mating season for deer is October through December, and this time period is also when most herds migrate as well. The rise in population and movement creates the need for extra caution on the road, and we typically see an increase in deer hit losses during this time.

We’d like to take this time to remind everyone that impact with an animal falls under the Other Than Collision coverage of an auto policy, not the Collision coverage.  However, in order for the damage to fall under Other Than Collision coverage, impact with the animal must have occurred.

What are other common claims we see with deer and other animals on the roadway?

  • Insured swerves to avoid the deer and hits a tree, post, guardrail or another vehicle. => These are collision claims.
  • Insured swerves to avoid the deer and the insured’s vehicle overturns as it leaves the roadway. => These are collision claims as well.
  • Insured swerves to avoid the deer and goes off the road and gets stuck in the ditch or hits an embankment. => Also collision.

We hope that helps clear up the types of claims that are associated with losses due to deer.