1st Auto is taking several steps to ensure its Illinois clients continue to maintain their 1st Auto insurance coverage and do not suffer unnecessary hardship as they recover from significant damage that occurred in the state in the following counties: Christian.

*Moratorium on cancellation and nonrenewal notices from November 23, 2018, until January 23, 2019, for policyholders in the affected area.

*Extensions of any and all policy provisions or other requirements that impose a time limit to policyholders in the affected area. This includes time periods to submit a claim, proof of loss, reporting of information, submission of bills, to make repairs, or payment of funds. The extension will be for a minimum of 60 days.

These steps apply to policyholders in this affected county.

1st Auto clients may file a complaint regarding a disaster-related dispute or issue with the Illinois Division of Insurance by calling (866) 445-5364 or online at http://mc.insurance.illinois.gov/messagecenter.nsf.

Please contact 1st Auto at (608) 242-4505 for additional information.