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Sharing Success Factors

Spring 2023 Issue

By Ellie Walsh, Senior Vice President of Insurance

Insurance carriers and agencies have faced a range of challenges in the last few years and 2023 is shaping up to be more of the same. As we wrap up Quarter 1 of 2023, there’s value in sharing the success factors that will strengthen our partnership and enable your agency and 1st Auto to overcome barriers and continue weathering the storm of uncertainty in the insurance industry.

1st Auto remains committed to keeping our rates competitive, actively managing expenses and having clean applications. Several key factors spell success for our partnership and your agency can help us achieve positive results by:

  • Following established quoting guidelines for report ordering
  • Utilizing time-saving software and applications to eliminate unnecessary manual processes, which also will enable you to provide enhanced, real-time service to your customers
  • Including all drivers in the household and assigning the appropriate driver to the vehicle so we can avoid having our best customers pay more than necessary
  • Assigning the appropriate class to a commercial auto policy so we can keep rates for each class in line

By focusing on these factors, your agency and 1st Auto can continue providing protection, excellent customer service and support to your policyholders.